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Started by jmcc, January 20, 2013, 08:32:22 PM

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We have booked to stay in HNY for 4 nights from 27/3 - myself, my husband and our daughters who are 4 & 7. Are there any particular rooms people would recommend or avoid? I was also wondering if the ice rink will be open at this time?


We stayed there for the past 2 years, but to be honest, I cant remember what room numbers we stayed in. Both stays, the rooms were fantastic. Ours were adjoining with my brother and his family so the kids could run between the 2. First year, we were down the corridor towards the breakfast rooms and upstairs. Last year, we were on the ground floor and our room opened out into the courtyard looking down towards the entrance to Disney Village. I think it was called "Gramercy Park" area possibly room 174 (maybe!). It was lovely and clean and pretty quiet.

The ice rink was open in April the first time we stayed! I didnt notice last year.

The Hotel New York is amazing. I have nothing to fault it on at all.

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