Photos of Characters in a 'Rare' Costume

Started by Sulley's Arms, May 31, 2013, 10:56:39 PM

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Sulley's Arms

Hi All,

I was looking at some of our old DLP trip photos today, and came across one of Goofy dressed in his Parisian Artist costume, when we met him at the Trading Post (Davy Crockett Ranch) last year.

It got me thinking about how often this happens, since we are all used to seeing the main characters in their traditional outfits (i.e. Mickey in Red & Black suit, etc.).

How many of you have photos to share, highlighting when and where these diffferent costumes can be seen?
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I do remember many characters wearing different costumes/clothes in the 90's like:
Mickey, Goofy, Minnie in Safari uniform, Mickey, Minnie dressed as astronauts, Goofy in a cowboy outfit( last seen in '08), Mickey and Minnie in kind of farmer outfits, Chip &Dale as Indians... Sometimes characters wear fitting clothes in the Hotels like navy clothes at NBC, mexican dress at Santa Fe and so on nowadays.
I personally absolutely love this!