Problems with the official DLP Facebook Page

Started by MinnieMouse, February 19, 2013, 06:33:20 PM

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Does anybody know:
I've liked the site, and I can see the posts they make. I can also see that other people can comment on the posts and like them, but I myself can't do either, neither like nor comment the posts.
Also, for that very reason, I can't contact them to ask why.
This is the only site I have that problem with.
Does anybody know why? Has anybody else got the same problem?

(Copy from the message from Mr. Johnny Jorgenson at Facebook, but I have axactly the same problem)


I just checked and it seems to be fine for me.  Are you logged in to Facebook when you check the Disneyland Paris page. ?

Also I know certain Facebook page admins dont like me and have blocked me from their pages. I can still view the pages but I can not post on the wall or comment or like posts made by people.  Maybe you have been blocked by the page admin??
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Yes, I´ve been logged in at facebook.  From the moment, when I liked the page I can´t post, only read and I have very well contacts to DLP and they don´t know what is the problem, so I can´t be blocked. With the Netherland Page from DLP everything is ok.