Started by Laurence, January 07, 2013, 03:35:53 PM

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Hello everyone.

We are off to DLP next Thursday and taking our 9 month old twins for their first visit.

We have requested two cots for our room at Cheyenne and was just wondering if anyone here had used one of Disney's cots before? Are they OK? Do we need to take a sheet etc?

Thanks for all your help!


We've used cots at the Santa fe and kids were fine in them. I took my daughter's small blanket just so she had something from home that would hopefully make the cot seem less strange. We went to the cheyenne Dec 2011 with my twin nieces (aged 10 month at time) and we were placed on the 1st floor (no lift) and no cots so i would check upon check in. They slept in the bottom bunk together for the holiday. My sister-in-law didn't get much sleep because of the worry, every little noise she put the light on to check them.


We've stayed with our toddler at Hotel New York twice. We made a request for a cot on the booking and there was one in the room on both occasions, inc sheets and blankets.
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They're just the fold up travel cots- perfectly acceptable.  When booking with your travel agent always emphasise that you need a cot or cots in the room.  It may seem like common sense that they would just provide one but its not always the case lol.

When we stayed at Santa Fe we were supplied with no bedding for the cot and they wouldnt provide any (wouldnt stay in that hole again lol)  but in Hotel New York all bedding was supplied with the cot and was changed every other day during our stay.


In the Sequoia lodge we had bedding and a cute little blanket.  The rest of the group were in the cheyenne and didn't get the blankets.  They bought fleeces from the shop and used them (though obviously not cheap).
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Thank you for all your help everyone. We are off tomorrow and can't wait! We're taking special baby sleeping bags rather than blankets. Thanks again!