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Started by caseysnan, January 13, 2013, 02:27:31 PM

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we are visiting for the 1st time on 4th march for 4 days...a birthday present for my grandaughter who will be 6 :) we have already pre-booked birthday meal etc,but are trying to plan our days in advance,what i really want to know stitch live still in operation and how many times a day do they do the show in english?? also what are the chances of us meeting any of the characters from toy story,aswell as stitch himself?? my grandaughter is toy story mad(we are planning to eat at pizza planet) im the one who is stitch mad!!!


stitch live is still in operation =] as for show times check the park schedule when you get there as they change and that will tell you when the show is on i have it in my head that theres a show every 15-20 minutes and they alternate between french and english (so there will be a french show then the next one will be english then french and so on throughout the day) as for characters, i think its best left to playing by ear, sometimes you get loads of characters wandering around sometimes theres hardly any, again check the park schedules they will tell you about any set times for meet and greets and you might get lucky there =] theres also a little meet and greet after stars and cars (the parade in the studios) where stitch is definately involved and im sure there are some toystory characters too =]
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The best chance of seeing Stitch and Jessy and Woody is at the studios. They appear in Disney's Stars and Cars parade and can often be found in the area by the information board after or before the parade.


Jessie is regularly in Toy Story Playland in WDS (not in the programme) and Buzz Lightyear also has a scheduled meet and greet in WDS everyday - there is also a toy story car in the stars n cars parade that is also in the studios. Not sure about stitch though sorry - hope this helps!


thank you :)