Merida in DLP

Started by ulak, May 13, 2012, 04:22:49 PM

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When we met cinderella last time she was a scot so lets hope they just get a scottish girl. We met Repunzil a month after the film was released and the gilr who was playing her was soo good she played hide and seek round her tree with my two toddlers. I hope she is there from the release date because we go a few days after and my little girl has curley red hair and a scottish daddy so she already thinks she is Merida.


I came across this dlp need to give this girl a summer job ... -23892595/
I cant believe how much she looks like Merida


Quote from: "flickmcktur"I came across this dlp need to give this girl a summer job ... -23892595/
I cant believe how much she looks like Merida
I agree, Caitlyn would be perfect as Merida for DLP.
I can't believe Merida was living only a few miles up the road from me.
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We live in her hometown, I'll have to keep a lookout.


Aww the poor girl is going to get harassed my lots of wee ones soon I'm sure she will have some of them convinced they live down the road from Merida. I lived up the road from Timmy Mallet and remember trying to nose through the window as a kid hope she doesn't get too much of that. If I lived round the corner I would keep an eye out too! Good luck to her when I first saw the photo I thought Merida had been drawn from her must be really freeky to have that kind of coincidence happen to you. My little girl looks a lot like the stuff I have seen of the little Merida especially the toddler doll with the tartan dress, that's strange enough but nowhere near as close as Caitlyn, she should deffo cash in on it. I would pay for her to come to my daughters birthday party (if i had the money) I'm sure lots of mums who have lots of money would too that's if Disney don't pick up on it. None of the girls I have seen who are playing her in the Disney in America even come close. Lets x fingers I will be getting my pic taken with Caitlyn when I go to DLP at the end of August or even better she gets a better job than that out of it. If you do bump into her wish her luck with it all.