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Started by peter, October 07, 2011, 10:23:03 PM

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I thought this would be a fun idea, so what you do is write down what you want to see happen over the next decade :thumbs:

Here's mine:

2012) 20th anniversary celebration. This year has new entertainments and more. The dreams show currently planned, as well as:
Walle's wicked wonderworld- a mini parade through discoveryland, starring a moving walle and other robots from the film. It would stop infront of a stage on the water, where a mini show (the hunt for the plant) would take place. The robots have lost the plant and need to find it.
Alice's paper hunt, shown in fantasy festival stage. Follow Alice as she goes on a treasure hunt with the mad hatter
Dream along with mickey on the castle stage, a slightly modified version of the Florida show
Cirque du soleil presents watertastic, an acrobatics show on barges on lake Disney.
Jedi training academy- a star wars show on place des stars
New parade

2013) ratatouille ride opens, street entertainment makes a comeback, with jugglers, magicians and a barbers quartet roaming the parks. Work begins on film forest, an expansion area for WDS.

2014) film forest opens, with camper vans in the forest area for meet and greets. A large clearing is used for campfire singsong, a nightime singalong with Donald, daisy and chip and Dale. Cirque du soleil move into a permanent structure next to Disney village. Also, fronteirland train station closes for construction of splash mountain. New parades for both parks

2015) splash mountain opens, and a marvel land begins construction. Toy story characters stay in TSPL, and landscaping behind the fantasyland station takes place. Tall planters are put up, and a covered stage and a hundred acre wood mini land is built

2016) hundred acre wood is opened, with the demolition of fantasy festival stage. It includes:
Hunt for the Pirates treasure- Christopher Robin takes his friends on a treasure hunt.
The adventures of Winnie the pooh dark ride
An extensive meet n greet, in form of a walkthrough. Visit piglets house, rabbits house, owls house, before getting your photo with pooh at poohs corner.

Walle show finishes, and a new show takes place, featuring fountains, squirters and guest interaction.

2017) marvel land opens with 5 rides, 3 shows and multiple Shops and restaurants. A major expansion of Disney village begins, with phase 1(opening December) being a shopping district. Star tours terminal begins construction at WDS

2018) Star tours terminal opens, with the following:
Star tours 2(star tours closed at dlp)
Jedi training academy
Jedi mindtricks-a look into how the special effects were created
Soarin over a place called earth- soarin updated.

Phase 2 of Disney village opens, the dining district
Construction on fantasyland village begins, behind hundred acre wood.

2019) phase 3 of Disney village opens(entertainment district). It has nightclubs, incrporates the cirque du soleil show, and has a crazy golf course. It leads to an area being constructed. New shows for Disneyland park, and phase 1 of fantaslyand village opens. It features:
A 3 story little mermaid, with 1 floor solely the under the sea scene.
Beauty and the beast miniland. Everything at the wdw expansion, as well as a ride.

2020) phase 2 opens spring. It includes:
Seven dwarves miniland - the seven dwarves mine train, seven dwarves cottage(meet n greet with ALL the dwarves in the picture!!!)
Fantasy gardens( a large green space with a few amusement rides, it's set in the same era of main street, but the characters go on the rides!!!)
Rapunzels turret( a mini land, with a dark ride through the story, and a small drop ride

2021) the final phase opens. It has the circus area. Guests enter a huge big top. In the middle is a stage for a circus show, with bleachers in some areas. Tunnels leading out go to:
Double dumbo the elephant
Great goofini
Casey jr. Train ride is relocated

2022) the new construction area is complete fantasmic town. A huge, 10,000 person stadium with restaurants, table service areas, exhibition space, conference rooms, and a multifloor bowling and cinema complex( to replace the current one) shows every night, and a fireworks show on weekends.
As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations, there are new shows, parades, and temporary attractions resort wide

So now you leave yours. Let your imagination run wild!!


2013  Exsisting projects open , a new 4d show to replace Captain EO , such as The muppets .

2014 A new Hotel, maybe based on the film Journey to atlantis with extensive indoor swimming pool complex , flumes etc. Which would be open to all guests as well as hotel residents.

2015  Lego statues around down  disney Dlp, as there are in Florida, more evening entertainment such as circus soliel, Broadway shows such as Beauty and the Beast The musical, and a permanant Disney on Ice performance . One show an eve, should be able to fill the theatre etc.

2018 a 3 rd Gate Not sure what that would entail, maybe a nature one that is similar to Animal Kingdom
2005 DLRP


Oh and of course a monorail would be great! I haven't much imagination, its the small things that please me.
2005 DLRP


I hope we get Fantasmic in the future hopefully by Paris's 30th ;D