Is The Disney Village WEBradio live?

Started by DisneyMagicinParis, August 19, 2012, 11:34:10 PM

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Hey i have a question,

Disney Village has a beautiful radio what you can hear in 'the village' and i've discovered that i can't get enough of it! So when leaving from the Resort, i am just crying. I just want a memory of Disney that i can hold with me every single day, I was searching on The Net yesterday and i've found the Disney Village web radio! i am so happy that i can listen to it! It brings good memories to me. But now my question? Is it LIVE? FROM DISNEY VILLAGE? ARE THE GUEST IN DISNEY VILLAGE LISTENING AT THE SONG WHICH I AM LISTENING RIGHT NOW? CAUSE, I DID'NT HEARD THE 'NOW BACK TO THE 80's, you know:? Is this Live and are you sure? and, do you hear the radio when Disney Village is closed? I HOPE NOT! I WANT IT TO BE LIVE!

Can you guys answer my question?


ps: Sorry for my bad english! :mrgreen:


im not actually sure now you mention it.... but then it does have the adverts in it for the likes of buffalo bills.... to it may well be.... as for if its still playing when the village is closed i've never tried to listen to it when its closed so cant answer you there....  you have grabbed my interest with this question i would like to know too...
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You can actually listen to it here: ... layer.html

I never noticed it not working, but then again I only listen during the day when the parks are open


No it's not live. Some events may be, such as the concerts at Billy Bob's. But usually it's kind of the same songs and feel, but with dedicated adverts. It's not the same audience (people at the Resort and people at home).