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Started by orsie, August 11, 2012, 03:10:29 PM

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Original Ideas

So the obvious idea would be a roller coaster based on the one they made, but in real life it would be pretty hard to pull off and would end up making most guests sick (it's the harsh truth!) So another idea would be for a motion simulator based on the roller coaster, but once again you either make it nothing like the actual thing or make one that would once again make most guests sick (if Mission: Space does, i'm sure this would.)

My Idea And Ride Brief

I had the idea that a dark ride would really work for this show as you could have a clever combination of Audio-Animatronics, Still Figures (like some of the dark rides in Disneyland Park (or Parc Disneyland if you like)) and original animation. The guests would be in a car that can easily spin from facing one side to the other, so that the adventures of Agent P and Phineas and Ferb are going on at the same time. The storyline for the attraction would be that Phineas and Ferb are making a dark ride to show all of the adventures that they have had over summer, meanwhile Dr. Doofenshmirtz is attempting to take over the tri-state-area by using a no-fun-inator to take the fun out of people's lives so that they will obey him if he gives them fun things to do. After Perry has fought Dr. Doofenshmirtz the no-fun-inator will end up hitting Phineas and Ferb's dark ride turning it into a soggy cardboard model.

Queue Line

The queue line will start by taking you through the Flynn-Fletcher family's house before into their back yard where a huge screen is set up (see 'Out Of Toon') which is playing Phineas and Ferb music videos (as if this was in Paris having to put up with a 10-minute episode of P&F in a different language would be quite annoying). After this the queue will take you into the main ride building and to where you board the vehicles. The ride vehicles will be shaped like Perry (in non-OWCA form).


When the ride vehicle leaves the station it will turn into a room with a large screen where it will stop as you watch a short animation of the boys deciding what they are going to do and at the end they will say 'Hey where's Perry?'. From there you continue into a room where you see a still model of Perry as he receives his mission brief from an animated Major Monogram on the screen in front of him. From here the vehicle spins to show two audio-animatronics of Phineas and Ferb creating their ride. You then continue into the next room where you see a short clip of Dr. Doof explaining his plot and Perry being trapped. You then spin to see a door with a screen on (a half on each door) on which an animation is played of Phineas and Ferb unveiling the ride. The doors  then open to the ride they have made and you go through it. This section  is essentially you spinning from side to side to see audio-animatronics of all the cool stuff they have made. Whilst going through this on the screen built into your ride vehicle (i will explain in a mo) you see Perry fighting Dr. D and the inator destroying the ride you are in. You then exit this room to see two audio-animatronics of Phineas and Ferb holding the soggy model and Ferb saying 'oh well, it was fun to build'. You then turn back into the station and exit the ride. The ride vehicles each sit 2 people and have touch screens built in on a small desk-like surface on this you select the language you would like to view the ride in and the track picks this up and changes the language accordingly, from there on the screen is used to play animations.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and I will be back with some ideas for other themed stuff in the same area as this ride.
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Pete's Dragon

Perhaps it could make a good 3D replacement for Honey I shrunk the Audience and Captain EO.


That sounds great, I think they should replace rock'n'rollercoaster with this. or at least theme it to p&f
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