St Davids Day Season

Started by Jake, October 30, 2006, 11:33:00 PM

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Im visiting Disneyland Paris next year in march for the St Davids Day Season, i was wondering what its like at this time.. any good?
PS. I am not Owain, were did you get this from?


Quote from: "Jake"PS. I am not Owain, were did you get this from?
You're both posting from the same IP address (ie. same computer). I assume you're just in the same household then. Creating multiple accounts and replying to each others messages sometimes happens on forums, so we're just being careful about spam levels, sorry.

Is St. David's being celebrated next year? March is usually fairly normal - next year they'll be getting ready for the 15th anniversary in April, we haven't fully heard what will be going on during Jan/Feb/March yet.


Ballo where not the same people were like friends in School !
Sorry for the mix up !
I dont no why were appearing with the same ip address he lives like 2 miles away from me  :?


Ok, well im not sure why its saying were usuing the same IP Address.
And were ment to be going with the school for ST Davids day, so i was presuming that there still doing the St Davids day festival.


Never heard of anything for St Davids day, they DO have St PATRICKS day celebrations there, 17th March :)


St. Davids day celebrations only started at disney last year maybe there wont be the celebration as it might not have done that well last year  :?


its not really a big season, all that happens is a few events in Disney Village, nothing in the main park though i dont think. :wink:


Its been up for a while now, but looks like this year there having St. Davids Day celebrations. But only little things will go on like shops and welsh colour fire works ! ... /index.htm


Whaaa Sword in the Stone!!!!  And I'll be there that weekend  :D  :D  :D  :D  Awesome!


Are you going the weekend 2nd - 5th ?


Wooo, only 9 days till we go!

Raptor are you there that weekend (2nd - 5th)
Great! :)