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Started by Josh, March 29, 2012, 10:59:59 PM

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Is anyone here planning on seeing the presentation at 10:45am on 12th April in Videopolis with Tony Baxter?

Also, what time should we start queueing up? Half an hour early?
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I will try to get in ;d , yeah something like that. For everyone who wants to see it but can't make it , I will post a video (if I get in ).


Tony Baxter has just popped up on YouTube with a special 20th Anniversary greeting video for all the Disneyland Paris fans out there.

"Bonjour mes amis. I am Tony Baxter from America. I was part of the Opening Day here at Disneyland, creating all the wonders in the park, along with five of my other designers. And here we are 20 years later. I hope you all are going to come out and visit us during this special year. And meanwhile I've got to do a whole lot of interviews and everything, today and tomorrow, in preparation for our 20th event. So, bon anniversaire as they say here. Pardon my french, what is it, only, un petit peu de Francais."

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Update: Merged this with Josh's earlier topic above.

It's probably worth having a separate topic from the 12th April 2012 discussion just to discuss Tony Baxter's "From Concept to Reality" presentation/discussion at Videopolis.

You can watch the whole event here:

And I should also repost Glstitch's complete video from the other topic:

I can't say I personally learnt too many new things from the presentation, but it was certainly special to see Tony Baxter in person, back at Disneyland Paris and continually singing its praises, proud of what they achieved. In the course of the discussion he says we have the most beautiful castle, the best Big Thunder Mountain...

New to me was that the reason for the gap around Lake Disney is Disneyland Hotel itself. They simply switched the budget from a hotel there to one at the gates. I never knew it was that simple, just thought the gap was intentionally left all along for future expansion.

And of course despite the continual investment in the land since opening (or perhaps because of), he still says the land he'd most like to expand today would be Discoveryland: "I would love to come back now and spend some more... effort [I think he almost said money] and really complete this land."


Tony Baxter seems to like speaking at Disneyland Paris once every 15 years. So, based on that schedule, we can next expect to see him in 2027. Not long to go :-)


Lol. Fingers crossed. :P

Also, I wonder if any of the higher-ups actually took note of what he said when he mentioned bringing Vincent Price back.

It was a great event. The happy birthday message from the cast members around the world was a really nice surprise. I didn't get Tony's autograph, because I was near the end the queue, so he had to leave (even after cancelling a meeting to see more fans!). Did anyone else? (I wish I asked him for it when I met him again the Emporium.)
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It was nice to hear some of the stories of the park - I only stayed till 11 then I went outside to see the Stitch show. lol But I did some footage.

It was nice that the other Disney-parks ambassadors came to wish the park Happy Birthday!

It was funny because on Friday - I was stood in the Small world area near the ice-cream shop and I was just done taking photos of Cinderella and Rapzunel and Tony walked by me - like nearly walked into me! It took my brain a good 2 minutes to realise who it was before I told my dad and we tried to follow him. XD  I thought I saw him head toward the Prince Pavillion - but we lost him and never saw him again after that. lol
But I nice little story to tell.

But I will watch the entire talk soon. Thanks for everyone who got all the footage.  :thumbs:
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