20th Anniversary launch celebrity?

Started by stitch<3, February 19, 2012, 09:04:16 PM

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hello :)

for the 20th anniversary i was wondering did anyone have any idea who the celebrity would be?? i am sure i could be someone big as for the 15th they had miley cyrus if i am right ??

any suggestions welcome,
thanks  :mickey2:  :stitch_bounce: xx
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With the money they are spending it might end up being a mouse and his dog! ;-)
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Hi stitch<3,

In future please use our main 20th Anniversary topic for all general discussion about the anniversary! I've given this topic a clearer title in the meantime.

The main celebrity who launched the 15th Anniversary was (for some reason!) Andie MacDowell, with Daniel Powter performing a song before the fireworks. Miley Cyrus also happened to be there, but I believe this was just before she became more well-known (I certainly didn't have a clue who she was at the time!).

I don't know if they'll pick a random face to launch the anniversary this time but if they do I'd personally love it to be Cara Dillon, who could sing her song from the Dreams soundtrack live. Although she seems so lovely and down to earth that it might be too "big" for her...


@thebritishfrog .....
haha probably the way money is . but they seem to be doing quite a lot for this :)

sorry about that :)....

at the time miley cyrus had been on her hit tv show on the disney channel so i was presuming she was the big guest star ....

i would hope that they have some star there ... probably on a disney channel level :)
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My guess is again someone of Disney Channel , the stars from Shake It Up! ?
I'm hoping for Selena Gomez due those chances are small...


maybe yes .... a big chance hopefully someone big :D .......
 chances would be pretty small for selena gomez but you never no the place is magic :)
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