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Started by jj554, January 13, 2012, 06:39:13 PM

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Are these hotel key ratings equivalent to stars? Are they in any way officially graded, or is it just something Disney decides for itself?

The only reason I ask is because in the new 20th anniversary brochure, I notice that Disneyland Hotel has been slyly bumped up from it's previous four keys (which it is still showing as on the dreadful official website by the way) to FIVE keys "Prestige Deluxe Resort" - they haven't made any real changes though, have they?

Is it all just a ploy (like so many other things) to justify the higher prices? I just wondered if these ratings are given by an independent body.

Sorry that my first two topics sound like I'm a massive moaner. I actually LOVE DLRP, honest.  ;)
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I believe that these ratings are those of Disney themselves, they have always quoted the Disneyland Hotel as 5star well, this would rate it equally with some of the best hotels in Europe, and whilst it is the best hotel at DLRP it is not 5star in any way, independetly I believe DH would struggle to get a 4star rating. I also love Disney, but the quality of the hotels does not justify the cost!


Quote from: "captain rocket"I also love Disney, but the quality of the hotels does not justify the cost!

Location Location I guess :|



Outside the Sequoia Lodge Hotel, there was a sign for the hotel's star rating by an official organisation. It matches the "key rating" of three stars. I'd assume it was the same for the Disneyland Hotel's four star rating. :)
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I tried Googling Key ratings for European hotels and all they offer is an explanation of the STAR system, As I said in my earlier post I believe the Key system is one dreamed up by Disney themselves to help us to guage the quality of the hotels against one another.