last night I saw Saving Mr Banks!

Started by ewormas, November 01, 2013, 08:35:28 PM

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Hi all

Last night I was lucky enough to see Saving Mr Banks at a preview screening. What can I say about the film? It was easily as brilliant as Id hoped it would be....and much much more. 

While I won't give away any of the movie I will say it will make you laugh as well as cry (people were crying all around us) and will also make you love Walt even more!  Thankfully Walt persevered and made Mary Poppins for us all to enjoy.  I'd love to hear what others who have seen it thought, was it what you expected? I for one will pre-order it on dvd asap, hope you will all join me. Lets see how high up the dvd chart we can get it  :D :D :D


I really want to see it and will do so as soon as it runs in the movie theater where I live.


I got to see the film last night at a preview screening. I thought it was an extremely well made film with brilliant performances by the whole cast. The film is full of emotion; it's funny, sad and very pleasing. I'll probably go and see it again when it's released.
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I've just been to see it, it's brilliant, when you go remember to take tissues!


I was at the cinema today.. wow what a film. Like others have said , take tissues. Emma Thompson is just brilliant  Also don't be in a hurry to leave once the film ends, as the credits roll there are some little extras.  :)
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Saw it a couple of days ago and well, what a film! It is truly amazing, also when the film ends and the credits roll...WAIT! There is a little something that plays during the credits, this is something that has been kept for all these years and it is real. So stick around, hint: ...Audio...

Such a nice film which is based on how the Disney production of Mary Poppins, orginally written by P.L Travers, was made, it may sound boring but you see, Mrs Travers didn't want Mary Poppins to be pretty in every way, so this tells the story of how Walt Disney managed to get the story off of the pages of her book. For those who a wondering, Mr Banks was actually the children's father in the story of Mary Poppins.



I saw the movie last night and enjoyed it very much.


i cant wait to see the movie on the bigscreen, here we have to wait til february. I cheated a little by watching some on the net. I think the movie is really great, but i taught it would be more about the story of walt disney. It's more the story about PL travers, with the many flashbacks. The real PL travers story was a little bit different that the story on the screen  :P but wel yeah;... everybody loves a happy end.
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I don't think the movie was ever going to be about Walt, if it was it would be called Saving Mr Disney :P


Saving mr Disney, now that's a movie that i would like to see :p

Like this fan made movieposter  ;D
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That would be a movie definitely worth seeing