12th - 15th September 2011 Trip Report

Started by lilfencer09, September 16, 2011, 09:44:20 PM

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Well I have just got back from another amazing trip to Disneyland Paris. I will do a full trip report soon once I have finshed sorting out all the photos I have taken ( over 3000!). But I will give a small pre - report :) (Sorry for my bad spelling)

Date: 12th September till the 15th
Travel: Eurostar
Who went: Me (20) and my best friend (21) - her birthday trip
Stayed at: Hotel New York (lakeside view) - I LOVE this hotel it is amazing!


Cast Members - They are truely amazing, Ever so kind and helpful, my friend had a 21st badge on for the whole trip and evey CM said happy birthday and made her feel important. Also she got alot of attention from characters.

Cafe Mickey - Loved it!!!!!

The way the Castle looked - It looks even more sepcial now, than before due to the re - paintting.


People Smoking : I saw so many people smoking aroung the park and not in the smoking areas! Including in the castle through betwen main street and fantisyland! Also in the ques to see charaters and just around the park.

Having to leave - Alwats a con.

Coming home to see thagt there is still a security tag on you mickey that you brought:
Before anyone asks yes I did pay for it.  I am so angry that I didn't check it befo I left :evil: Going to email the resort with a copy of the recipt and photo of the tag to see if i can take it to a disney store to de - tag. Has anyone had this problem before?

Full report will be done in due course :)
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Day 1 - Part 1

Ok so the day started with me waking up at 5am to get ready to head of to St Pancreas to get the eurostar to the magical land of Disneyland Paris.

I met my friend at our local station at 7:15, got to St Pancreas at 8.00, collected our tickets and checked in.

Our train wasn't till 9:44 so we had a bit of a wait.

Anyway, the time came to board, and off we went to Disneyland Paris.

We arrived at about 1.15 / 1.30. And we headed stright to our home for the next few days, Hotel New York. We was met by Mickey and Goofy :D Check - in was smooth and our room (7226) was ready when we got there :)

We had booked a lake side view room - so we knew we could look out the window and see something apart from a tree, like last year. But this view took our breath away!

We looked around the room and took photos before it got messy.

We didnt bother unpacking just yet, we just wanted to get in the pack and enjoy ourselfs! So I quickly got changed, sorted out my camara and the bag I would take around the parks, and off we went! On the way we booked a table at Cafe Mickey for the Wednesday night.

We finaly made it to the gates of Disnayland Paris and put our tickets through the mchine and heard 'Welcome' :D I thought ' Finaly I am home!'  :D/

Day 1 - Part 2 to follow :)
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September 2011 - Hotel New York - Best mates 21st Birthday trip.

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looking forward to reading the rest!!  i love how people write finally i am home!! lol! it does feel like that. i am 31 and get a buzz when i arrive. XX


Day 1 - Part two

So we started to walk down main street and saw the castle for the 1st time this trip. It looks more amazing now then ever, all lovely and re-painted.

Before we went any further we decided to have lunch at the market deli house. (i think that is what it is called).

We then headed to our first ride of the trip, Phantom Manor :)

From there we went through the Aladin passage.

Next up was a walk around the inside of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

After that we headed to Snow White, then Pinocio  :^o  and then Alice's Labyrinth.

We then decided to go on It's a small world, to discover that the Parade was on, so we got a boat all to ourselfs :)

Once that was over we headed to Discoveryland to go on Buzz lightyear - the first of 7 (yes 7) times we went on this ride over the course of 4 days.

Next was STAR TOURS :D Now I am a BIG BIG BIG Star Wars fan, I love this ride just because it is about Star Wars. However, i would love to see weather they are going to make it 3D and different ride each time you go on like the ones in America??? Now that would be very cool!

We then looked around discoveryland and discovered Wall-e.

My mate then went on Space Mountin (i am a wimp when it comes to big rides :s) So I went in Videopolis and watched some of the films while she went on it. Once she came back we decided that we would leave the park as it was 6.30pm and we were both hungry and getting a bit tired so off we went to the disney village.

Once past security at the enterance of the village (which is new this year I think, as I don't rember it there last year) and looked around the shops, where I brought my first Star Wars Vinylmation of the trip.

After the shopping we went to McDonalds then back to our hotel to unpack and explore :)

We then went to bed gone midnight as we stayed up watching the disney channel and playing a disney triva game.

Day two to follow :D
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September 2011 - Hotel New York - Best mates 21st Birthday trip.

18th - 21st June 2012 - New Port Bay Club - Admerials Floor, Lakeside view - My 21st Birthday Trip


Love the report, looks like you had fun, cant wait to read the rest  :minnie: xx
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Next trip- July 2012 (wish we could go sooner)


Day two - Part One

My alram clock went off at 5.30 and I got up quicker than I normaly do at that time for work. I got up and had a shower and got ready for the day. Then my friend got up at 6. Our breakfast time was not till 7 so no rush :) Had a lovely breakfast in  the Parkside Diner. After breakfast we went back to our room quickly and got our bags and headed to the park for EMH.

We could not believe how quiet it was around the parks in general this trip as the longest we had to que was 10 mins, but this morning was very quiet!

SO time for the classic 'I am here' picture.

We then headed to City Hall so my friend could get her birthday sticker (her birthday was a few days before the trip, but it was her birthday trip so hence the badge.)

Next stop was the tea cups! We had one ride then as we were about to leave a cast member asked if we would like to go again - of course we did! So off we went again - but this time if seperate cups. Now being in seperate cups is much harder than we thought! Its harder to go faster, but o well it was still fun.

Next was Buzz Light year again! - only this time 3 times in a row. Once like normal, end of the ride we got of and went in the que again. Secound time my gun didn't work! So my mate beat me (the only time she ever has) and so at the end of the ride we told a Cast Member so they knew that one of the guns wasn't working. They then asked if we would like to go again (due to the gun not working) - OF COURSE! So we went through a door and got to the front of the que and went again.

So after that ride we headed to the studios :)

First stop Toy Story Playland. During our last trip this area was not open - it was fully built, they were checking the rides at the time. So we couldn't wait to see it properly. Well what can I say, the deatail is amazing, like many rides, from the domino's wall to the benchs looking like rail track - I loved it!

First ride was Slinky.

Then my friend did the Rc racer and Parachute Jump.

After this we did the Studio Tram tour, which is always fun.

Then of to see Stich  :stitch_bounce:  live!

Now it was time to see Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular! But first we bumped into Goofy :)

It was now getting close to 1pm so decided it was time for lunch, so off we went to Blockbuster CafĂ©. We bumped into Peter Pan and Wendy on the way there.  :D/

After lunch we headed to the stage to see the Stars in Cars show. The show is good, last year We couldn't see it very well as we were at the back, but this year we was near the front :)

After the show we went on Flying Carpets Over Agrabah.

Then my friend went on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

Next up was Animagique.

Then Art of Disney Animation :D Which features one of my fav charater Mushu :D

Sadly I suffer from panic attacks, i have not had one in months, but for some reason i started to have one during the end (last few minutes) of the Art of Disney Animation show. So as soon as it finshed me and my friend had to rush out, missing all the hands on bit :(, before it got worse. After 15 mins I felt better than I did , so we just did a bit of shopping, me getting a Mushu and some of the how to draw charaters books and another Vinylmation, and had a sit down of a bit.

The time was 5pm and so my friend went on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror again, while I just sat in a quiet place while looking at my books. Me still feeling a bit rough, we left the studios and headed back to the park, and looked at the shops down main street before watchig Mickey's Magical Celebration .

We did'nt get a great view of the show this time round, so we decided that we would watch it agian on wednesday befor we went to Cafe Mickey  :mickey2: .

So after the show we headed to the village and had dinner at the sports bar, which was nice. We did some more shopping, I got a stitch  :stitch_bounce:  hoodie, a stitch  :stitch_bounce:  Yoda :D and another Vinylmation. Then off to the hotel to watch some disney channel then to bed to get up at 6 for breakfast at 7.30.
Febuary 2004 - Day vist
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June/July 2010 -  Santa Fe Hotel.
September 2011 - Hotel New York - Best mates 21st Birthday trip.

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Great report and photos.

Also if you take your item with the tag to the Disney Store along with the reciept they will remove the tag for you.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow,... You're always a day closer to my next Disney trip!


Lovely pictures, I am loving your focus and depth of field. :D

Fab report, looks like you had a good time.


Day 3 - part one

Another early start as our breakfast was at 7.30 again, this time it was very hard for us to get up, to the point where I didn't get up till the secound alarm lol. Anyway this morning we had breakfast in the hotels bar, which was nice :)

So we headed to the park for EMH :)

We had a slow walk down Main street - So I could get some more photos, though the castle to our first ride of the day DUMBO.

We then went on Buzz Lightyear AGAIN :D And my friend did a bit of shopping - a note book and pen so she could get characters autographs at Cafe Mickey that evening.

My friend then did Orbiton. By the time she had done that, it was coming up to 9:40 so we decided to start queing for Autopia. So 10am came and it opened and within 10 minutes we was on the road. My friend was driving and I have to admit there was a few 'Watch Out!'s and 'BREAK!!!!' lol, but it was fun, even though waiting to get off seemed like a traffic jam on the M25!

After that experince we went back to Fantasyland, to see which princess was out, and it was Ariel!

We decided that we would not que for Ariel, she is nice and all bu not our fav princess, sorry Ariel. So we went on it's a small world again. By the time we had come off Princess Tiana (I think that is how you spell it) was out.

Again we didn't que, as we were wanting to see winnie the pooh, but it was nice to see her :) So went went back throught the castle, but stopping off at the christmas shop in there.

We then headed back to Main street to que to see Winnie the Pooh :D We waited about 3/4 hour, which i swear was the reason I got sun burn! But anyway, queing was fine only one problem PEOPLE WERE SMOKING IN THE QUE!!!! Which is wrong! Anyway we saw winnie the pooh so all was good  :D

We then grabed a quick drink as it was 12 but we thought it was a bit early for lunch, so we headed to the Main street Railway Station and had a trip around the whole park. We didn't do this last trip so it was something new :)

It was now lunch time and so we headed to Market  Deli House again. While we were eating the Disney Dance Express went past.

After lunch we went back to see which princess was out and it was ..................... SNOW WHITE!!!!

Now my friend want to que, so we started to walk round but the que was so long, not realy surprised tbh, so we had a talk and decided we would not que for snow white but for Rapunzal and Flynn (he is my favourite prince). Now the que was long but not as long as snow white's que. Another reason for my sun burn then. but one good thing was the Flynn came down and did his meet and greet through the que while waiting for Rapunzal :D I even got a hug :D

(man I am short :oops: )

After meeting Rapunzal we went to Discoveryland to do my favourite rise again - STAR TOURS :D :D :D This journey was more bumply than the previous but still good!

We then bumbed into Darth Vader (Darth Vader's tune is now going through my head lol)

After that encounter we headed to BTM so my friend could get a fast pass. Then we went back to main street to get a snack from Cable Car Bake Shop before getting our space for Once Upon a Dream Parade :D

So it came to 5pm and the Parade had begin :)

(I LOVE the Mad Hatter! NOT the Jonny Depp verison, the orignal)

(~There's my Piglet :D)

(I also LOVE Peter Pan  :peter:  :D)

The parade had finshed :(  Then me and my friend decided that we would see it again the next before we leave :)

Day 3 part two to follow :) (sorry about it being very photo heavy)
Febuary 2004 - Day vist
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June/July 2010 -  Santa Fe Hotel.
September 2011 - Hotel New York - Best mates 21st Birthday trip.

18th - 21st June 2012 - New Port Bay Club - Admerials Floor, Lakeside view - My 21st Birthday Trip


Love the report! I was there around the same time you guys were there (arrived the 14th, stayed until the 17th) and this last post with all the parade photos did show a different point of view (we were in between Central Plaza and Castle stage) with the same faces :)

Looking forward to the rest of your report, keep them coming!
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Nice report and pics :-)
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OOoh you took a photo of my friend in the parade! Wonderful wonderful photo. I love the one that you took before going on the Railroad. I want to get a photo like that next week.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow,... You're always a day closer to my next Disney trip!

Pete's Dragon

Loving the parade photos. I can't be bothered fighting for a spot and standing there to watch, so other people's photos come in handy :thumbs:


Fab trip report! Your photo's are wonderful!! :)
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Thanks for all the comment's everyone :D It was a great trip.

Sorry for the delay but work has been mad.


Day Three - Part Two

So after the parade we did a bit of shopping down Main Street, before heading the the main stage to get a space for Mickey's Magical Celebration.

We got to the stage  and I set up camp, to keep our spaces while my friend went on BTM.

The wait didn't seem that long but we were glad that we got there early as it got realy packed.

Anyway the show begain and this time I could see it. (Sorry - some of the photos are a bit dark)

The show was good, but I am not sure if it was as good as last years :s

Anyway the time was now 7.20 and and we had a reservation for Cafe Mickey  :mickey2: at 7.30, as a speacial 21st Birthday meal for my friend, on me. So off we went to the Disney Village. We got to Cafe mickey at 7.35 and we joined the que.  :-"

We got at abot 7.50/8 and got sat down and enjoyed our meal.

 I had Toby's Ceaser Salad and my friend had Pinochio pasta (Something like that). The portions were huge! But very very tastey. :D

For afters I had Coupe Mandarine / Limoncell

My friend had Snow white's Apple pie.

The Charaters were out throughout our meal.

We met






Chip and Dale  (Tic et ec)

Yes they were DRINKING!!!!

He stole someone's birthday cake!

Mr Smee

At the end of our meal the waiter came over and gave us both a gift :) Perhaps because it was my friend's birthday meal perhaps.

After the meal my friend said, ' The next time we are here we are going to Cafe Mickey two times!' Lol I replied ' Ok you can pay for both next time.' - It was better than I thought it was going to be. So I agreed that we will go there again but only once.

We left happy and full, I decided that I would like to walk around the lake befor going back to the hotel, but my friend said that she was could so I went around by myself while she went back to the room.

I went back to the hotel and made my way to the room, but bumped into my friend and the internet computer station, then I remebered UNI RESULTS!!! Anyway it's good news I PASSED :D We then went back to our room and i dumped my stuff off and we went to the hotel bar. Very nice and classy. There was a conferance there so it did get a bit busy.

So after our drink back to the room to pack  :cry: and got ourselfs off to bed!

Day 4 - the final day to follow soon!
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September 2011 - Hotel New York - Best mates 21st Birthday trip.

18th - 21st June 2012 - New Port Bay Club - Admerials Floor, Lakeside view - My 21st Birthday Trip