halloween celebrations?

Started by peter, June 18, 2011, 12:44:37 AM

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i was thinking and i reckon that in october, dlp should do a lot more than they currently do.

so what are your ideas? i'll start it off with turning adventure isle into zombie isle. you would have zombies all around the place. its kind of like a less intense scare zone compared to those at universal studios. :thumbs:


I like the idea of the story of lands changing for Halloween, Halloween land does fairly well for me (although I do find the pumpkin men jokes wear thin after a while) and Adventure Isle would lend itself well to this as a self contained area. I'd rather something less horror than Zombies though, maybe if was in a voodoo style (a-la Jame Bond), that could be good. Voodoo witch-doctors have cursed the island and now all manner of weirdness is let loose.


I like your ideas, but I think that there has to be something more adults


I think having the 2 park split, plus a more 'thrill' oriented park with Studios is a great opportunity to keep DLP as a lighthearted 'European' halloween, keeping it traditional and quaint, and then using WDS as a more intense halloween, with movie villains/monsters roaming the park as if they've broken loose from their movies.

That way you can have 2 halloween events for guests to visit, and no one has too much of a visit affected.

I do like the idea of changing Adventure Isle to something though, I think it's been missed as an opportunity. If not zombies, then definately having the moonlight skeletal Pirates from PoTC Curse of the Black Pearl roaming the area. It'd tie nicely with the area and add an extra for halloween.
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interesting... so in dlp would be "mickeys not so scary party", and in the studios, they could have "the villains very scary party". interesting, and definitely reasonable