You know you're Disney obsessed when...

Started by tinker_fairy, May 24, 2011, 01:05:02 AM

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Thought this might be a bit of fun!!! Complete the sentence... Let's see what we can all cone up with!!!

You know you're Disney obsessed when....

...Your family and work colleagues literally beg you to stop talking about Disney
 ... Nobody asks you what you want for your birthday or Christmas, they just buy you something Disney related and can't go wrong :)
... When you tell people you're going on holiday, they don't feel the need to ask where!! check Disney websites at least once a day for updates, and can sit on a forum for hours reading posts!!

There's some to get started!!!

July/August 2013 :D

Just back from the best holiday yet \":D\"


You buy property near a Disney park
You name your children subtle Disney references
You decorate your house themed after the different lands
You propose in DLP, Honeymoon in WDW, conceive your children at Disney parks, and take your daughter to WDW because that is where you want her first haircut.

I wish these were made up, but I have a problem....
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They are brilliant!! Haha I have to ask... What are your children called??

July/August 2013 :D

Just back from the best holiday yet \":D\"


Jessica Rose (Jessica Rabbit/Jessie the Cowgirl - Briar Rose being sleeping beauty, Napa Rose - Disney's signature restaurant in California)

Micheal Sequoia (Mikey after Mickey Mouse/Micheal Eisner/the name of the first Make a Wish friend I had - sequoia, guess where he was another california link)

Being partially native american and having been born in California, I wanted to name the kids of something Californian. Sequoia is the state tree and roses are used in the wineries of Napa and Sonoma to see is there are any diseases/insects affecting the grapes.
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That topic will be interesting!!

You know you're Disney obsessed when...

you try to go to DLRP at least once a year.
you buy a lot of Disney movies on DVD or BluRay.
you have nearly all Disney Comics by Carl Barks, Don Rosa, William Van Horn and Daan Jippes.
you have nearly all Disney Imagineering books, books about Disney themeparks around the globe.
you pay over €100 for a D23 membership.


You know you're Disney obsessed when...

you start buying shares - because you'll save more money than they cost with the discount.
have a pin collection spiralling out of control.
you start buying every edition of Disney movies on DVD and Blu-ray so you end up with multiple copies of each film just becuase the special features are different.
you're most listened to CD's are Disney film soundtracks.


Quote from: "Alice@Wonderland"You know you're Disney obsessed when...

you start buying shares - because you'll save more money than they cost with the discount.

That's true. I've forgot to add that on my list.

Pete's Dragon

.... when you realise you're a few posts away from another milestone and get really excited !!


It is very various. Different for everyone. All is ABOUT MONEY!
Someone is very BIG Disney obsessed with one trip to Disneylanmd and one, two toys... and  has the Disney deep in the heart! No share holder, no property near Disney, no all Disney DVD, Bluray... etc.

And someone has that everything and felt like the bigest Disney obsessed fan. ...

NO - really big fan has Disney in the heart, no in the property...

(only in my opinion)
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Nope, it is not about the money, you are right. I was very poor once (homeless even), but Disney was ironically my motivation to be successful, so I could afford to do more Disney related things.

I am not as obsessed as I used to be though, that is for sure. My APs have lapsed for the first time in 11 years.
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...when, after a year, you're sick of not being at a Disney Park.
...when you get excited over just a new sandwich shop in the Disney Village.
...when something trivial has changed in a Disney Park.
...when you're listening to The Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack for probably the 100th time.

I probably need to get a life, but I'm happy with the one I've got. :P
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when the kids have to peel you off the tv screen then wipe your tears off it because an advert for disney comes on then
you know you are in trouble - especially if you have just come back and have already booked again to go  "home" !

when you actually feel guilty about enjoying another theme park, and smile gormlessly when you see someone else there wearing something with the disneyland paris logo on it. !!

when you spend precious brain power working out that if your oldest has your first grandchild at 27 then you have a good excuse for going to disney to celebrate its first birthday during the 30th anniversary !!!


"When you actually feel guilty about enjoying another theme park."
Yep, I kinda recognize that... :')
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If you can't be in the park you love, love the park you're in baby!
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... when every animal you own is disney named.
... when you walk into the dvd section of the supermarket and they hand you the latest disney movie in. :oops:
... when people at work are considering a disney holiday they ask you the best way to go instead of the travel agent.
... when everyone in the local disney store knows your name.
... when you have more lithographs and park posters on the walls around the house than family pictures.
... when no one will play disney trivia games with you anymore :(
... when you talk to people about holidays they ask when your going back not where your going
... when everytime you leave the house your wearing something disney.
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