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Started by TowMater, April 29, 2011, 12:19:07 AM

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After seeing TDL's new version of Fantasmic on which is completly different to what Anahiem and Orlando's are and maybe I thought what would people like to see if it came over to DLRP.

Here's mine:

Mickey falls to sleep and dreams about all of his Disney friends from films from Cinderella and all the way to Tangled (Inculding Pixar) but once Rapunzel and Flynn are out of the image. Mickey sees the Magic Mirror and asks "Will romance and dreams keep alive forever?" but only to be tricked by the Queen and she turns into a hag, traps Mickey inside the mirror and says "Now I'll turn that little mouse's dream into an nightmare fantasmic! Imagine this!" and laughs. She asks the Magic Mirror "Magic Mirror on the wall, who will help me round up the forces of evil like all?" The Mirror replies and arrives steps Dr. Facilier, Facilier sings 'Friends on the Otherside' then comes to an conlusion, Facilier rounds up his 'friends' and his 'friends' rounds up all of the evil villains. (Cruella, Chernabog, Ursula, Hades, Scar, Jafar, Mother Gothel) Facilier commands Cruella and Ursula to round up all of the goodies and trap them in the mirror with Mickey. The other villains watched their emenies enter the mirror, with each villain singing their songs whenever their emenies come into view example, Scar sings Be Prepared when he sees Simba, Ursula sings Poor Unfortante Souls when she sees Ariel.

Jafar commands Facilier to allow Mickey to challenge him, which he appects and Mickey is released from the mirror. Jafar turns into a 20ft long cobra, only to be defeated by Genie who throws Mickey over Jafar's lamp. The other villains are amazed and calls in Maficent who turns into a dragon and breathes fire everywhere. The villains laugh and Mickey says "You guys think your so powerful, well ah ha, this is my dream!" and uses his sorecer skills to defeat all of the villains. Jafar, Cruella, Ursula, Chernabog, Hades, Scar and Mother Gothel all gets electrouted while the Queen's cape gets pulled into the sparks while Facilier, having been back from the dead, was taken back to hell by his 'friends'.

Tinkerbell wakes Mickey up and he says "Phew! It was all a dream". The celebrations begins and that is when the finale starts. (Orlando finale)

What do you lot think, make up your own if you want!
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Sounds good, here's my idea

Mickey comes onstage, waves his wand and tinkerbell flys overhead. At this point, many broomsticks move on the water and fountains throw water towards guests. At this point stuff happens on mist screens and when the lights come back on, a huge barge has come into the water. All 7 dwarves dance around, along with cinderella's mice, and mickey tells us the magic of friendship, then from a lifting floor piece, the princesses appear and mickey shouts out the magic of romance, before a fountain show begins, and another barge comes in, the other barge leaves, and mickey gets transferred to a platform infornt of the new barge, as the fountains end, mickey brings out characters from lion king, jungle book another animal characters. They all dance and move around, before lights flash and the barges lights go out. Mickey says "oh no! It's the magic of evil!" all the Disney evil characters appear, and on a lifted stage malificent cackles. Smoke appears, and from the position she was rises the dragon, it shoots fire out, then jafar goes to the left and turns into the evil genie, and then the villain from princess and the frog. He laughs and the shadow monsters appear around the water. Mickey uses his magic to stop them and then a long dance number with all the characters plus some pixar characters. now a huge animatronic crush appears behind the stage. The lights all go out and the show ends