DLRP Advertising At Vienna International Hotels

Started by dagobert, April 04, 2011, 02:34:44 PM

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Last weekend we have been to Vienna and stayed in a Vienna International Hotel. The hotel channel featured TV spots of all VI hotels and one of those spots was from the VI Dream Castle Hotel. I found the spot on the VI Hotels YouTube Channel:



The music is a bit annoying, but the spot features some beautiful scenes from DLP. I think that's the only advertising of DLRP in Austria. The part about DLP seems to come from an official DLRP video, maybe from a former TV spot?


That's an interesting combination of highly professional camera footage paired with a MIDI track, haha. Also interesting non-copyrighted characters there four minutes into the video. And did they misspell the word fantasy on purpose?

Ah well, you can't blame them, really. They're not Disney and they shouldn't be held to their standards. And at least their rates are within the realm of the reasonable.