TRON: The Ride

Started by CafeFantasia, March 16, 2011, 09:49:38 PM

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Well at a basic level creating a grid effect in the ride could be done with lights projecting thin multiple beams in open white, I'm not sure what lights are in the ride at the moment, but it could well be possible to use the existing units, though there would need to be more to it than a black room with a white light grid playing Daft Punk to make a story, mind you creating a Tron like environment, buildings etc is at it's most basic level an exercise in shaping neon tubes. Thing is to make any of thse kind of effects work you must have working smoke.


I was going to make a topic about my idea for a Tron ride but I might as well place it in here.

I kinda like the idea of R'n'C staying, I like the ride, it just needs its lights and smoke back and loud audio every time :P

My idea would be for a new area of the park (no idea about area theme etc yet) and basically have an extremely similar (if not the same) entrance and pre-show as Alan's idea but the ride system will be completely new. Dueling booster bike coasters.

The idea would be that the guests are split on to two different trains (one blue and the other yellow) and you have a light cycle battle. You launch on to the grid and with the lighting on the bikes and all around with special effects it would look pretty awesome. I'd love it to have audio but not sure if there would be a good way to implement an audio system on the booster bike design.

Obviously this idea hasn't been thought through a lot yet but I think visually it would be an extremely amazing experience.
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