Javey74's Art Competition - 1st Gallery - Ariel

Started by Javey74, February 11, 2012, 12:30:31 PM

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Vote For Your Favourite Ariel

Ariel Art Piece 1
1 (4.3%)
Ariel Art Piece 2
5 (21.7%)
Ariel Art Piece 3
0 (0%)
Ariel Art Piece 4
10 (43.5%)
Ariel Art Piece 5
1 (4.3%)
Ariel Art Piece 6
0 (0%)
Ariel Art Piece 7
0 (0%)
Ariel Art Piece 8
6 (26.1%)

Total Members Voted: 23

Voting closed: March 03, 2012, 12:30:31 PM


The Art of Animation at Home - Art Competition

I was just wading through all the art work on 'The Art of Animation at Home' galleries and realised just how much art was on there. So.... I had an idea to start an art competition thread. What I've done is looked at particular characters amongst the vast amount of art that is already there.

I would like members here to cast their vote to which they think is their favourite piece of art. There will be up to 10 pieces of art showing the same character. The poll will run for approximately 3 weeks. The winner will go on 'My Faves' section on 'DisneyMagic' for all to view. Then I will choose another character to display which everyone can vote for..  :)

Now for the small print..  :mrgreen:

[Regulations and Choosing Criteria]

1. If you like a piece of art do not be afraid to vote and enter your reasons for liking that particular piece, but please do not add derogatory remarks about any others, remember artists have feelings..  :)

2. Remember when looking for your choice, look for the character and expression in the art, not just which looks line perfect. Look for all qualities before choosing. At times some sketches can outweigh a finished piece. Just be mindful..  ;)  :D

3. You only have one vote and once voted you cannot change your mind, so be sure..  ;)

4. Each competition will run for approximately 3 weeks before a winner will be announced, so get voting..  :lol:  :mrgreen:

5. Artists can vote for their own artwork..  :mrgreen:

6. No more than one piece of art from a single artist can be added. If an artist has got a few pieces of art of the same character I will choose one of those pieces to enter, art moderators discression..  :mrgreen:  

7. No more than 10 pieces can be added, due to the maximum poll entries..  :)

8. Accept my whole hearted apologies if I've missed a piece of your artwork when compiling the entries..  :oops:  :(

9. Each piece of art will not display the artists name, though I realise you can find this out just by going onto the galleries. I wanted to keep the voting to the art on display not who did it..  ;)

10. The winner will be displayed in the 'My Faves' section on 'DisneyMagic' for all to view. At this point the artist will be named alongside the winning piece. Also full viewing plus comments can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail of the winning piece in the 'My Faves' section.. :D/

11. If there are any complaints/queries about anything in particular just PM me..  ;)

This first gallery is of Princess Ariel..  :D

Choose your favourite piece and cast your vote..

Ariel Art Piece 1

Ariel Art Piece 2

Ariel Art Piece 3

Ariel Art Piece 4

Ariel Art Piece 5

Ariel Art Piece 6

Ariel Art Piece 7

Ariel Art Piece 8


Voted for art piece no. 8.. The most artistic of them all

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Captain Pan

First post in Donkey's years! Feels a bit weird looking at these classic pieces of artwork!

Even though I have a piece of Art in the competition I think that there are much better ones than mine- Hence the vote for Number 2!

Pete's Dragon

No.#4 I swear I can hear Jodi singing when I look at it


It was a tough choice between 8 and 4. 8 is technically perfect, and could have been (I think) drawn by the studio themselves. I half expect her to turn and start singing when I look at it. However, I also went for 4: the colours just harken back to the feel of the original film so well, with that beautiful golden light and murky blue water. That image of Ariel reaching out towards the surface really sums up the story and message of the film as well.

Little mermaid 240

I like the eyes on number 2.
Little Mermaid x


My favorite is number 4!  :thumbs:


A big thank you to all you voters up to now..  :D

Although at present there are 19 votes yet 152 views. Can't be that hard to put a dot in a circle..  :roll:


No. 4 for me =D>



Congratulations Lani..  =D>  =D>  =D>

You have been voted as the winner of the Ariel Art Gallery Competition..  :thumbs:


yay! :) Thank you guys!
And how fitting, today I booked my sky rewards free tickets to DLRP!

Dreams do come true in New Orleans?


Great timing then..  :D/  :D/  :D/