Before & Then - Past Disney Photos Re-Created

Started by Columbiad, July 21, 2012, 06:10:41 PM

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In the vein of the below video posted on the DLP YouTube site, I thought it'd be night to try and do some of our own photos, recreating old photos in the parks.


Here's my own to get us started, my father and I in front of Big Thunder Mountain, circa Summer 1997 and Winter 2012.


this is a great idea.... next time i go i am so going try this =]
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We're already planning this... Believe it or not my sister (now nearly 21) still fits in the 101 dalmations dress she wore on our first ever trip to DLP when she was 8, so we're taking the same pair of Minnie ears and making her recreate a photo we took on that holiday.
Going to make mum take her plannet hollywood t-shirt back and do the same.
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