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Started by Anthony, October 07, 2006, 04:53:05 PM

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Well that looks GREAT! They've dressed it up a lot inside, it looks like a proper Disney attraction now. The dark lighting gives it a real atmosphere and mood, rather than just a series of empty, brightly lit rooms.

Is the giant oval thing the screens showing the Disney Channel pre-show promo? (which has really bad reviews! lol) If so, I just expected about four large plasma screens, so well done WDI for spending on something a bit more flashy.

And MASSIVE kudos to Karl Holz for dropping into the previews!!!! How many Disney chiefs do that anymore?! =D>


So does anyone know what's going on with the post-show now?


Quote from: "Baloo"So does anyone know what's going on with the post-show now?

A few weeks ago the door was left open where the post show was located.  It's just an empty room now with just a few backgrounds and stuff reminding to what used to be there.


Really? No post-show for now then. Might that be where Playhouse Disney is going to go? It is the perfect size...

I'm looking forward to seeing how the Stitch Live theatre has been installed into that giant old Art Attack stage.



I was in Paris a few days ago and I've been to DLRP twice on tuesday and thursday. Large crowds and weather was bad both days, but overall I had a good time.

[spoiler:3if79o70]Thurday, while visiting the WDS I saw incidentally a group of guests in front Stitch Live! entering the Disney Channel building. I joined them and noticed that there were quite a lot of Disney staff, not only the regular CM but also suit and tie Disney staff that greeted us. A CM told us the show is in french (however eventually the show was in english) and we waited about 10 minutes in the first "waiting" room : the same as the former Disney Channel tour.
Then after waiting (in the cold) we entered the pre-show room. A wide room with blue lights, with 4 plasma screens airing the latest Disney channel releases. That presentation was in french.
Then a Disney imagineer greeted us and said he was so happy to welcome here the very first guests: Everyone cheered and he apologized in advance for any technical issues that could occur as the show was still in rehearsal.

We entered the theater, where I sat on a not-so-comfortable metal bench. I already knew that the show is interactive so i chosed a seat in the rear of the theater so Stitch could certainly not bother me there.  8)

The image quality was excellent and the animation was just perfect, considering the screen is quite large. Some Disney characters tell sometimes corny jokes, but Stitch was actually funny and people laughed a lot.
I didn't have high expectations about this show but in the end i found the attraction very cute and is definiteley a very good addition to the Studios (even if some may think that any addition is good for the WDS )
My main concern about it is that the audience has to be "good" too. I mean if everyone stay distant and shy (a bit like me that day ) the show can get boring I guess...  :)[/spoiler:3if79o70]


The full photographic report- preshow and show - on Stitch Live ! is on line on Disney and more!

And beware it's full of spoilers ! ... -live.html


Quote from: "loaloa"The full photographic report- preshow and show - on Stitch Live ! is on line on Disney and more!

And beware it's full of spoilers ! ... -live.html

That looks so much cooler than thought it would be! 8) Now I'm glad I booked to go the week following it's opening - I was going to go the week before. :lol: Thanks for the report loaloa!

Poppy The Monkey

Stitch Live was open to regular park guests today. I managed to catch a couple of shows in both French and English, and to me the guests at the English shows appeared to enjoy it more, getting right into it - creating a better atmosphere and in turn better shows. Some of the French shows were rather subdued.

The show is very clever, and can be very entertaining - a super addition to the Walt Disney Studios.


stitch was most certainly open to the public. me and matthew done this show 6 simes in one day. he loved every minute of it especially when he was picked to talked to stitch too. stitch took a picture of him and it was apperently the best moment of his life, that was until an hour later when he had a private meeting with him for about ten minutes!!!!!!


I was at the Parcs from 8th till 13th. Every day Stich Live was open to the Public. Sometimes the English, sometimes the French Show. It is really cool! I go back to dlp this night for another three nights. I will give you more information when I am back.


Its Just Like I DreamedIt

Is there any point in going to see this if your aren't interested in talking to Stich, or do you think it will good to just sit and watch anyway?

What kind of things would you ask anyway?
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It sounds great! We only went to the Walt Disney Television Studios once, and were not that impressed really. Now with Stitch Live! I'm sure we'll be visiting much more often.

With all the great new rides and attractions in the Studios, it's no longer a matter of just popping in for an hour or two a couple of times during our stay. (Usually 6 nights) The studios are becoming a place where you can easily stay the whole day, which we never did when they first opened.

Talk about "torn between two parks"!  :? You need a lot longer at DLRP now, to do and see everything (without rushing!)



on they said theres a video on but when I want to go there i need a password ( since when ????? ) has anybody of you a pw for that or already seen it ?
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It´s official open since........... TODAY!  =D>  :mrgreen:  =D>  :D/

So what happend there? Was there a party or something?
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This is definitely a time to celebrate and also be sad, our final new attraction for quite some time! I think we've got a bit too used to them... :wink:

It looks like there was a special Hawaiian pre-parade yesterday (in DLP for some reason, but maybe they did WDS earlier in the day?). Very very impressive DLRP. Their attraction openings have improved gradually.

The electronic signs are rather snazzy:

They count down the minutes to the next show and show the exact number of seats available. And say "debut imminent" when a show is about to start:

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