Extra Magic Hours

Started by MouseLivesOn, October 24, 2010, 04:04:28 PM

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i like extra hours just to take in the atmosphere when noones around its lovely.
Been to DLP many times when I was little and now with my own children. First time 1992 and th last time was 2012! Going in  November 2017, so exited cant wait :-)


When I was working at WDW we had EMH guests seperated by regular guests by asking them for their 'Key's of the World' aka roomkeys. Every guest had to show their roomkey to get in line for an attraction.

Regular guests were not asked to leave the park but to have diner an shop! Something like this could so work at DLRP, but it would mean that the roomkeys should also be the park entrance keys.

Since DLRP is a 3 or 4 day max vacation destination the costs of handing out these keys (one for each resort guest) would be to expensive. An average trip to WDW (including resort hotel) is 6 to 7 days.


I would much rather have the whole park open to everyone at 9 than parts of two lands only open to some people from 8 until 10. But then again Fantasyland is probably the part of DLP that interests me the least (although I love storybook land, that won't ever open for EMH!) so its probably just my opinion. Nearly everyone else seems to love EMH, I think its just an easy way for management to save money.
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